The station opened on 8 November 1922 as part of the original section from Trocadéro to Excelmans.
It is situated in the 16th arrondissement.
The underground station is served by the metro line 9. There are no connections to other metro lines.

The entrance to the station is on the side of the pavement. Three round lights are fixed on the far wall at ground level. The balustrade around is made from green metal bars of different length.
















Metro sign




The green post contains a red rectangular sign. The word METRO in angular uppercase letters has been cut out of the red to reveal white glass, which is lit at darkness. The sign is surrounded with metal hearts and swirls. Above it is a white globe lamp with a green crown to aid finding the metro station in the dark.












border tile





The walls in the corridoor towards the platform have a brown border tile with a three-dimensional pattern of a four-petal flower in a square.












The walls and the vaulted ceiling are tiled in rectangular white tiles with a raised centre. The red plastic seats in front of the advertising panels are made of plastic and are fixed to the wall with a metal bar.

The advertising frames are surrounded by honey-coloured ceramic tiles with a cabbage leaf pattern.

The lights are in the Bruno-Gaudin style - the light shine up and reflect on a metal bar.










View of the tracks from the mezzanine. The tracks are flanked by the two platforms.

The edge of the platform is marked with a thick white line.










platform sign



The station name Ranelagh is stencilled in white capital letters on dark blue, square ceramic tiles. The tiles are surrounded by white curved tiles to make a frame.