The underground station opened on 10 December 1933.
It is situated in the 20th arrondissement. Buzenval is served by the metro line 9. 


The platforms are reached by some flights of stairs. The walls are tiled in white rectangular ceramic tiles and bordered by green tiles. The top tiles have a flower pattern.

Between the metal handrail and the top border are a couple of advertising boards with a metal frame. They are parallel to the edges, so the corners are not in a right angle.









platform and seats


The wall and ceiling are covered in white, flat rectangular tiles.

The advertising has been placed in large panels made of red rounded ceramic tiles. In front of it is a red metal bench without back, fixed to the wall.

The lights are in Bruno-Gaudin style. They consist of a metal tube with lights pointing upwards, reflecting on the upper metal sheet.










The station has two side platforms. The floors is painted in grey. The edge is marked with a broad white line and a row of grey knobbed tiles. Additional seating in form of red plastic chairs has been provided.















platform exit



Exit from the platform is through two glass swing doors.